Fan View: Steven Defour – Injured or managed well?

There have been a lot of different tales and rumours flying around the pubs, clubs and on social media about our midfield maestro Steven Defour.

Is he injured? Is he really injured?

Don’t hamstrings recover quicker than we’re being led to believe?

Can our manager handle players of Defour’s calibre?

Or perhaps, is Dyche simply managing Steven well?

A lot is made of the levels to which the gaffer commands of the squad – hence the phrase “Is he Dyche fit?” Dyche fit; quite something to live up to by all accounts. Defours historic injuries were something that everyone was made well aware of on his arrival at the club, but similarly we all knew of the undoubted class he possesses – something we’ve seen so evidently in his somewhat limited on-field action.

With all that has gone on surrounding Joey Barton and his upcoming betting case, is Dyche merely keeping Defour wrapped in cotton wool for a vital end-of-season run in, knowing full well that we are going to lose Joey ‘at some point’ (although now delayed) – or is Defour genuinely not 100%?

Only Sean and his team know the real reasons. I for one genuinely hope we do achieve our goal of survival and manage to hold on to Defour. His talent is unquestionable, his calmness in possession is fantastic and his vision is superb.

For me, he is one of the most – if not THE most – talented and gifted footballers we have had at our Club.


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