Robbie Brady – Give him time!

In light of recent criticism of Brady from a small minority of our fan base, I have decided to address why this criticism looks to be slightly premature.

As is the case with any new signing, they need time to settle in to their new club. Regardless of whether you pay £13 million or £500,000, players need time to adapt to their new surroundings, a new way of playing and a different level of football.

I would probably agree that Brady hasn’t set the world alight of yet, but criticising him so early on in his Burnley tenure is over the top.

The style of play Sean Dyche uses at Burnley is worlds apart from what Alex Neil used at Norwich, so you can’t expect Brady to come in straight away and be the Premier League’s best player. It doesn’t work like that.

When the Irishman played on the wing at Norwich, he was given more of a license to get forward with less focus on the defensive side of the game, as Norwich played with three central midfielders who could do chunks of his defensive work.

It’s different at Burnley though, Dyche demands that his wingers get back into shape quickly, and there is almost more onus on his defensive duties than attacking; so it must be difficult to adapt to that.

Albeit, they play in different positions, but look at Jeff Hendrick. It took him a while to settle in and adapt to playing as part of a midfield two, but once he did, his performances were of the highest quality.

For me, this will also be the case with Brady. Don’t judge him now. Once he has settled in and adapted to his new surroundings, we will have a quality player on our hands, but he needs to be given time!

We have already seen a glimpse of the quality he possesses when he scored a sumptuous free kick against Chelsea and there is no doubt that once he settles in, we will see moments like that far more often from him.


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